“Man… cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.”

Gaudium ET SPES

This blog

Our Catholic faith journey has helped us recognise that life is a gift. We also realise that the best way to live this gift of life is as a gift. There’s only one problem: it’s hard. Really hard.

This blog is where we simply share on how we try to live this out, how we fail (and occasionally succeed), the gifts we’ve received and what inspires us. We believe it’s important to be real and vulnerable, unafraid to touch on some of the tough stuff and have a bit of fun whilst doing so.

Though we do our best to be a self-gift to others, the truth is that sometimes we end up being more of a selfish gift.


We’re married with three kids who keep us pretty busy, as strangers love to point out. When we’re not feeding them, trying to get them to sleep, or desperately trying to stop them from jumping off the furniture, we enjoy catching up with friends and family for coffee, food and lively discussions, and sneaking in a movie here and there. We live in Hobart though we hail from Sydney. We love our faith and our family, but struggle with living both out the way we would like. We are lay members of the Immaculata Community.



I work in youth ministry and have been doing so for a number of years. I love Theology of the Body and evangelisation. I’m keen on film, spending time with family and friends, sports, and wild farmhouse ales. I’m a recovering perfectionist.



I’m a cradle-Catholic who really came into my faith around the time of Sydney World Youth Day in 2008. I would have dropped everything then and there to enter an enclosed community of nuns and spend my days in prayer – but apparently the Lord thought my days were better spent learning the virtue of patience while begging my first-born to wear pants.